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You are the Best Friend

Ajay K. Pandey

2 Chapters
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Completed on 27 March 2023
ISBN : 9789390441167
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Ever felt the need to have a friend who could just sit with you and talk for hours? Do you think friendship can bring you out of emotional pain and depression? Read this emotional rollercoaster from the pen of bestselling author Ajay K Pandey, which explores friendship like never before, and is sure to re-affirm your faith in life. You might come across love many times in life; but the one that you experience with your best friend is etched for eternity. Ajay is fighting demons in his mind after losing his wife Bhavna. Ten years of togetherness, and a harsh twist of fate have thrown him into the pit of depression. With medication and therapy helping him fight his immense grief, there is only one ray of hope for him – he wants to immortalize his wife. Anisha lives life queen size. Making the most of each moment, she loves everything that she is blessed with. She is shocked when she meets Ajay. How can someone hate God so much? More than anything, what will that hatred do to him? Even as her mind makes a harsh judgment about Ajay, her heart notices his simple and caring gesture that changes her perception completely. So begins the journey of two people who are poles apart. A journey which will change their outlook towards life. 


Such an emotional ride about friendship. And a great lesson too one can take from this book. Have you ever desired a companion with whom you could converse for days on end? Do you believe that friendship may help you overcome sadness and emotional pain? Read this heartbreaking page-turner by Ajay K Pandey, which explores friendship in a way that has never been done before and is sure to restore your faith in humanity. Even if you may experience love several times in your life, the one you share with your best friend will live with you forever. A must read book.

The Author Ajay K Pandey has written this story straight from his heart as-well, the journey of the loss of his wife, his suffering from depression, trying to fill the void that is left by this wife by trying to do various things, going for the art of living meditation Center and meeting a friend by the name Anisha this book revolves around all of this. A very simple writer who can explain with ease the situation and feeling one goes through during that kind of phase where one is in search of inner peace and is trying to overcome mental health challenges.

"You are the Best Friend" is a novel by Ajay K. Pandey that explores the profound impact of friendship on our lives. The story follows Ajay as he navigates life's complexities, highlighting the transformative power of friendship. Pandey's writing style is simple yet evocative, allowing readers to connect with the characters and their journeys. The novel's pacing keeps readers invested in the characters' lives, making it a compelling read. However, the predictability of certain plot twists may be a concern for readers seeking more unexpected turns. Overall, "You are the Best Friend" is a touching ode to friendship, love, and the resilience of the human spirit.