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In the realm of nature's embrace,Where love and beauty interlace,I find solace in every hue,As I'm captivated by the view.The sun, a radiant lover's kiss,Caresses the earth with gentle bliss,Painting

In the realm where hearts entwine,A tale of love, so divine.A symphony of emotions, pure and true,I pen this ode, my love, to you.Love, a gentle breeze that softly blows,Caressing souls, as passion gr

When born on this ground,With life's ups and downs,Sorrow and pains,Seems nothing to gain,Love and hate,With broken fate... A restless mind, Trying happiness to find, In its own way,&nb

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Ride forth against the tide, Rise above the surf of challenges, Welcome every sunrise with a vision, Send off every sunset with hope...In dusty sand of times,Hope makes you shine. 

At the edge of the furthest mountain, Between the valley and the lazy river, Beyond the edge of the scented meadow, I can see the hues painted by the setting sun...And can say it looks

In the quietest part of the night, When you hover between dark and light, Wondering if you can float away on dreams, Hoping they won't turn into screams...But if they turn into night ma

Meet me in the middle, With an open mind, Set aside differences, We're the same kind...We are like brothers,So leave no one behind, Come and stand together, To bring peace on

Tarry not towards the end, Await and appreciate, As you are now, Your sorrow and your joy...Every moment you enjoyed,Meaning and purpose,Are difficult to find,Experiences are its only k

Once Swami Vivekananda said “Nobody is perfect”. The thing we desire the most is the so called perfection. Perfection is something that we assume and that is never going to happen in reality ever sinc