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India, as one nation, rises in unison today, January 23rd, to celebrate the birth anniversary of a man who embodied the unyielding spirit of freedom – Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. A name synonymous wit

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The Indian classical music fraternity witnessed a profound loss on January 13, 2024, with the passing away of Dr. Prabha Atre. This veteran vocalist and musicologist, who graced the stage for over sev

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A Quiet Milestone: Kim Jong Un Turns 40 Without Public Fanfare On January 8th, Kim Jong Un, the enigmatic leader of North Korea, reached a significant milestone - his 40th birthday. Yet, unlike the l

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On December 26th, India remembers not just Christmas, but also the birth anniversary of Shahid Uddham Singh, a revolutionary whose name is etched in the fiery annals of the country's struggle for inde

In a parliamentary session, Union Home Minister Amit Shah passionately defended two bills related to Jammu and Kashmir, emphasizing their role in providing justice to those deprived of rights for over

Rigveda is considered the first Veda. Rigveda contains a collection of mantras in praise of various gods and goddesses. The mantras of Rig Veda originated at different times. Some mantras are ancient

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Have you ever felt shiever in your spine while been too deep in basement of  a mall or in a tunnel or in metro underground track.  I am sure that we must have experienced fear atleast once when have

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Went to Jaipur a few years ago. Since the journey was not pre-planned but was sudden, no hotel was booked. Sitting at the railway station, I started booking a hotel on my mobile for suitable hot

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Established in 1954, the National Film Awards is one of the most prestigious and much looked-forward-to events in the country. The Hon'ble President of India presents the awards culminating in showcas

Abanindranath Tagore, a renowned Indian artist and the creator of the Bengal School of Art, played a pivotal role in shaping the modern Indian art scene. Born in 1871 into the illustrious Tagore famil

Born in 1880, at the peak of British colonization in India, Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, popularly known as Begum Rokeya, lived a short yet meaningful life. As a Bengali writer and activist, she has often

She hailed from an ultra-orthodox family in north Kolkata. Her paternal grandmother did not permit her and her sisters to attend school since it would involve stepping out into the ‘big bad world’. So

Michael Madhusudan Dutt, a towering figure in the realm of Bengali literature, stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation in the 19th-century literary landscape. His profound impact on poetry, dr

Ritwik Ghatak, an iconic figure in Indian cinema, is renowned for his unparalleled contributions to the world of filmmaking. A maverick visionary, Ghatak's works resonate with a distinct emotional int

"Titas Ekti Nodir Naam" (A River Called Titas) is a literary masterpiece that takes readers on a poignant and captivating journey through the lives of the inhabitants of a remote village situated alon

Goswami Tulsidas, born in 1532 in Rajapur, Uttar Pradesh, was a prolific poet and a devotee of Lord Rama. His most celebrated work, the epic poem "Ramcharitmanas," is considered one of the most import

Kishore Kumar, the legendary Indian playback singer, actor, and multifaceted artist, left an indelible mark on the world of Indian entertainment. Born Abhas Kumar Ganguly on August 4, 1929, in Khandwa

In the quaint villages of West Bengal, a traditional art form known as "Mangal-Kavya" thrives, weaving together stories of mythology, folklore, and daily life through vibrant paintings called "Patachi

Kadambari Devi, born on July 14, 1858, was an enigmatic and influential woman in the literary and cultural landscape of 19th-century Bengal, India. She was born into a wealthy and cultured family in J

Maithilisharan Gupt, popularly known as "Rashtra Kavi" (National Poet), was a prolific poet and literary figure in India. Born on August 3, 1886, in Chirgaon, a small town in present-day Uttar Pradesh