What is Shabd.in ?

Shabd.in is Self-publishing platform to publish your books online. It’s a place where you can earn money by writing and publishing. You can publish your book in print as well as electronic media. You can utilize our online book publishing tools to gain readers and buyers

Perks of Being an Author with Shabd.in

Shabd.in have multiple options to self-publish books online. With the Help of DIY, you can publish book online free. Moreover if you don’t know anything about publishing a book, we have a team of experts to help you publish your book professionally

Free eBook publishing

Free Audio book

Access to thousands of readers

International distribution to over 50 platforms and place so book

FAQ Related to Book Publishing

Still have questions on why self publishing is better on shabd.in than other online book publishing platforms?

+ Is shabd.in Free?+ Is shabd.in Free?

All the online features on shabd.in are completely free of cost. Your free content will be available free of cost to your readers as well, which can help you gain a lot of followers and readers in the long run. So, you keep it free for your readers, and we will keep it free for you!

+ How do I start on shabd.in?+ How do I start on shabd.in?

We have made writing books extremely simple on shabd.in. You have to only create your free account and you will reach your personalized writer’s dashboard. There you can create your books, publish them and start selling them on various platforms immediately. There is no limit to the number of books you can create on shabd.in.

+ How much time does it take to publish a book?+ How much time does it take to publish a book?

We are lightening fast. As soon as you upload your content and publish your book using our online tool, your book will be available on the platform for sale. If you apply for ISBN and other services, then the time required may vary depending upon the time required for that particular service.

+ How much royalty do I get?+ How much royalty do I get?

We don’t decide your royalty. You decide it on shabd.in. After you set your royalty, the price of EBook and Paperback books are calculated based on printing and distribution costs. You can use our royalty calculator to find the cost of your ebook and paperback book.

+ Who will own the rights to my book?+ Who will own the rights to my book?

You will own all the rights to your book. We work with a non-exclusive publishing agreement so you can even publish your content elsewhere if you wish so

+ How many copies of my book will be printed?+ How many copies of my book will be printed?

All the books on the platform are printed on demand. Our systems automatically ensure that a minimum number of copies are always available and books never go out of stock. You can order as many author copies for your book at a highly subsidized rate.

+ What support is available post-publishing my book?+ What support is available post-publishing my book?

Depending upon the services you subscribe, you will get all the required support from our team. Our team is available through various communication channels like chat on website, whatsapp, phone calls, emails etc. Just reach out to us and we will be always happy to help…

+ When will I receive my royalty earnings?+ When will I receive my royalty earnings?

Your earnings will immediately start reflecting on your dashboard. You can track your sales and request your royalty payment from within our dashboard at your convenience.

+ Is shabd.in available as a mobile application?+ Is shabd.in available as a mobile application?

Yes. You can download shabd.in mobile application from the play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shabdapp&hl=en_AU&gl=US) and you can use it for all the functions like writing, book publishing as well as reading.

Shabd.in Is Currently Available In Hindi & English

You can click on the Hindi and English Sections to browse the popular books on shabd.in





Books Published on Shabd

Publish Packages on Shabd



Included in package

  • Book printing (5.5' x 8.5')
  • Ebook publishing
  • Online dashboard to manage books
  • Sales Dashboard
Additional services available in this package

ISBN + Barcode

₹ 1,000


₹ 1,000

Google Books Listing

₹ 2,000

Amazon listing

₹ 2,000

Flipkart listing

₹ 2,000

Cover Design

₹ 5,000 Free

Full Package Price:

₹ 12,900




Included in package

  • Book printing (5.5' x 8.5')
  • ISBN and Copyright
  • Amazon, Flipkart and Google Books Listing
  • 10 Author Copies
  • GoodReads & Facebook page setup
  • Online Book Management & Sales Dashboard
  • Posters & Banners
  • Author Interview
  • Dedicated Publishing Manager



Get Your Book
Published Like A Pro

Comprehensive Editing Upto 50k Words

Get Your Book
Published Like A Pro

Every aspect of the book is carefully reviewed and the book is published like traditional publications. It is ready to present and sell in all aspects.

All optional services of Expert Package available for selection.

Additional Comprehensive Editing
Available @ Rs. 2 per word.

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