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The Girl In The Red Lipstick

Ajay K. Pandey

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Completed on 7 June 2022
ISBN : 9789390441310

run is a bestselling author, and the heartthrob of thousands of readers. While on a book promotion tour, he is injured and agrees to call a masseuse. Little did he know that the masseuse would turn out to be someone with a secret! Arun sees a story in her, and in digging deeper, is amazed to discover her strength of character. Even though Lalita is a young survivor of human trafficking, she has unmatched determination. A single encounter with her makes Arun take decisions that he had never even thought of. He is willing to risk everything for her, his own life too. But the more he tries to help her, the deeper he drowns in the swamp. Will two broken people be able to heal each other? Will society ever accept a girl from the forbidden alleys of the city? The Girl in the Red Lipstick is a charming story of friendship, life and finding love where we least expect to. 


A great book that shows a great side of feminism. Run is a best-selling novelist who has won the affection of countless readers. He consents to summon a masseuse after being injured while on a book marketing tour. He had no idea that the masseuse had a secret until it was too late! Arun recognises a tale in her, and with further investigation, is astounded to learn of her character strength. Lalita is a child victim of human trafficking, yet she has unequalled resolve.

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