Part - 4

28 March 2024

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Welcome back all of you, friends.

Now the further story...

Rachit says to Rachna, why don't we go for coffee.

Rachna, after thinking for a while, I tell you, let's go now,

It's time for class. Rachit ha ha why not, your order

On appreciation.

Right now after leaving school, I am just with Rachna Rachna, what's the matter Rachna is smiling very much, did Rachit say anything, if not Rachna, then what's the matter, tell me too, Rhaa asks Rachna, oh nothing. How long had it been since we met that he invited me for coffee!

Riya aaye haaye what's the matter, till date he has never said this to any girl, you are the first and you are very lucky friend, otherwise all the girls would die for him, then what are you thinking, yes tell me friend.

Rachna Yes friend, I am thinking the same thing, what should I do, hey don't think so much okk,

Did something else happen? Rachna replies, no friend, let's meet again tomorrow, okk bye. Rachna Reply by Riya.

Rachit was thinking there, I don't know what Rachna might be thinking about me, I didn't say anything early, let's see friend, let's go to sleep now, Rachit was talking to himself.

Next day, Rachna, then what have you thought about going for coffee? You didn't tell me anything, Rachna told Rachit, I will tell you when the time comes, Rachit did not get any reply from Rachna, he thought maybe I was too hasty in speaking, so Thinking this, he started paying more attention to his studies and became busy in his life.

Rachit and Rachna keep meeting like this, keep talking, but Rachit did not get any reply from Rachit, well the exams had come and both were toppers, now let's see what happens.. sometimes Rachit tops, sometimes Rachna, time. It was not known, but till date Rachna had not said yes to Rachit to go to coffee.

Exam results came, this time Rachana topped that too in the entire state, Rachit came 2nd. But he kept waiting for the reply of "coffee", and this time Rachana came to Rachit and said, today the day has come Rachit which you wanted, let me go with you for coffee today, Rachit said Rachana Said congrats to him, and quietly went away from there.

"बचपन का प्यार"
You all are welcome, friends. This is my first story, Just like "childhood love" I need your love and support, friends. Thank you.