Part - 2

28 March 2024

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Friends, welcome.

In Part 2..

Do you remember what we said in the last episode?

Yes yes, I know you guys will remember.

So the story begins, with the creation

She also came to Mumbai from Delhi to study because her father had settled his business in Mumbai.

Now let us know a little about the composition.

Where do we begin? Yes, you thought it right again.

"Childhood" Our creation's childhood was something like this.

Since childhood, Rachna was also smart like Rachit in reading, writing and everywhere else. He did not like to compromise on anything in life. Whatever it may be.

They say that girls are always their father's angels.

It was something similar, even with Rachna, she was not only her father's angel, but also everyone's darling in the house. Everyone affectionately called him Lado and sometimes Dimpy too.

Since childhood, she also completed her studies from 1st to 10th in Delhi, then she came to the city of dreams, Mumbai.

That too, she had taken admission in Rachit's school, but perhaps she did not know that a lot of things were about to change in her life.

A very beautiful girl also took admission in the class.

She was no less than a heroine in appearance, 5'5 height, slim fit, black eyes, black hair, her hair was wavy, she took entry in her class for the first time...

The name was, "Rachna"

As soon as she entered the class, everyone's eyes were fixed only on Rachna. There were other girls in the class, but perhaps none of them had anything like Rachna, that is why everyone, especially the boys, were not taking their eyes off Rachna. And the girls were as if they had been burnt to ashes.

Perhaps now all of them knew that now their dal will not melt in front of Rachit, especially those boys, and Rachit who was everyone's first choice, and why not, I am smart in appearance, smart in studies, perfect in every work. .

But there was one boy in the entire class who probably had not even seen Rachna yet. By now you all must have understood who he was. Yes, you all understood it correctly "Rachit"

Rachit was the boy who perhaps had not even seen Rachna till now. He was busy in some of his projects. Which was given to him by his class teacher, perhaps he had not even seen Rachna properly yet.

Rachna's entry begins, she had come to the class along with her principal sir, as soon as she arrived madam introduced her to the class teacher.

As soon as Principal Sir came, everyone stood up and said good morning sir together, but Rachit seemed lost in his project, he had to complete it perfectly on time, on top of that he was also the topper of the class. There was a responsibility on him.

So we said, Rachna's entry was for the first time with Principal Sir.

Sir introduced Rachna by calling her the class teacher.

Children, today a new daughter and your class mate has taken admission among us, her name is "Rachna".

Looking at the composition,

As I told you, the boys were giving signals to each other thinking that she will become my gf, and the girls were making faces, wrinkling their noses and with false smiles, everyone shook hands with Rachna, and introduced themselves as I told you guys above.

There was a boy who was busy in his work, Rachit, it seemed as if he was not conscious of anything. Madam, who was the topper, looked at him and said loudly, Rachit Standup. Composed by being scared at once, ji madam,

Madam said to him, you don't know what is happening here, hmm.

No ma'am, he replied, then madam called him in front of everyone and introduced him to Rachna, the boys were enthralled, "Neither in my hand, nor together, let's just talk in a meeting" and the girls, all of you girls. Everyone knows.

ha ha...😁

Rachit This is Rachna, she has come from Delhi, from today she will study in this class and that too with you, you must know why?

Rachit, being scared in front of everyone and smiling in mind, no mam

Now further story in part 3

Will definitely mix it...

"बचपन का प्यार"
You all are welcome, friends. This is my first story, Just like "childhood love" I need your love and support, friends. Thank you.