Part - 1

28 March 2024

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“It is said that everyone's beginning starts from childhood itself.

  So this story is also something like this, this story begins."


"since childhood...


The story of Rachit and Rachna also begins like this.


Rachit was a very mischievous boy since childhood and was loved by everyone at home.

Rachit's childhood begins in Indore, a city known as Mini Mumbai.


Rachit was very intelligent in studies since childhood, he had great interest in everything since childhood. In everything from studies to sports.

He had only one dream, he had to top everywhere, be it studies or anything else...


He comes first everywhere whether it is studies or playing. He completed his studies from class 1st to 10th in Indore. Then his father was a government employee, he had to be transferred, and what happened, guess where...


Yes, you understood it right, Mumbai is the city of dreams.

Rachit started his further studies from here, from class 11th to 12th.

Till now he used to top everywhere, so he topped there also.

He had just reached 11th, when...


A very beautiful girl also took admission in his class.

She was no less than a heroine in appearance, 5'5 tall, slim fit, black eyes, black hair, with flowing locks, she entered her class for the first time...


The name was, "Rachna"


Now friends, you will read the further story in Part 2.

See you in Part 2...

"बचपन का प्यार"
You all are welcome, friends. This is my first story, Just like "childhood love" I need your love and support, friends. Thank you.