Part - 3

28 March 2024

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You all are welcome once again.

So we said, yes you all understood right,

So let's start.

Madam said to Rachit, this is Rachit, from today he is your classmate.

Explain everything to Rachit, how far our studies have been done, and it has been completed, but what Rachit was, was lost somewhere else,

This time she was somewhere else and you must have understood what was lost.

Yes, Rachit looked into Rachit's eyes and kept looking, and then Rachit also looked into Rachit's eyes and felt a little shy, then lowered his eyes and smiled hiding his hair in his ears, and there the boy became a poet. Had gone and the rest of the girls were in shock after seeing all this.

Madam again asked Rachit whether Rachit understood anything or not.

Rachit said yes mam, at this time the school bell rang, saying this the principal sir and madam left from there saying that we will meet in tomorrow's class.

Rachit and Rachna sat at their desks, Rachit kept looking at Rachna secretly till after the next class was over, then till lunch.

It was time, Rachna met all her female classmates, and among them was her best friend Riya.

Riya was a resident of Mumbai.

Rachit was also having his lunch, meanwhile Riya came to Rachit with Rachna, and said, Hi Rachit, this is Rachna, you have already met me in the class, now let's meet her a little better, Rachit, ha ha, why not at all. I will meet after all what mam has said.

Saying this, Riya left from there, saying that I will come right away, till you meet Rachna, let's talk, then Rachit extended his hand and said, Hi I'm Rachit, you must have heard the name, Rachna too. She extended her hand and shyly said, 'Hi I'm Rachna.'

Rachit asked Rachana for lunch, while having lunch together, both of them talked about each other and told each other everything, Rachit explained everything about sllybus to Rachana. Then both of them kept meeting like this.

Part 3 ends.

See you friends, keep reading, I hope you all are liking the story so far.

Then what are you waiting for, let's meet in Part 4.

"बचपन का प्यार"
You all are welcome, friends. This is my first story, Just like "childhood love" I need your love and support, friends. Thank you.