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Prof. Rajendra Prasad

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Whether a power, force and energy or some material like digestive juices, enzymes, and hormones. How the force of Agni diminished in the system, whether Ayurvedic medicine have a definite potential to solve this issue. Whether Tri Dosha or Agni more important in therapeutic guideline or symptomatic disease-oriented treatment is generated in final prescription and Agni or Dosha are theoretical substitute These are certain common quarries to be answered to conduct the conference on Agni vyapar, and this book “COMPENDIUM OF BIO-FIRE IN AYURVEDA (AGNI VYAPAR)” Agni means vital force to maintain balance in the system hormones, enzymes, microbiota for digestion and metabolism.This is essential constituent of pitta dosha to keep a person energetic. A state of mental conflict or thought clarity or satisfactory in personal life decides the action of hormones, there are many local facts of gastro tract like quality and quantity of food, taste its constituent and receptors to decide digestive juice and enzyme secretion. Now a days microbiotas are supposed to be main important constant of Agni which are in million and takes a modification code with every extrinsic and intrinsic factor manipulation. We can decide the governing part of Agni which is Jatharagni is material which can be measured quantitatively Works under center of unknown emotional vibration for secretion action and gastro movements.Fear and anger both are the empties can diminish Agni potential for which we don’t have definite center. Taste and quality of two especially rich carbohydrates with optimum nutritive value are important to be advised to patients healing disease state of any system, the article of food and recipe are to be decide according to availability tradition and Socio-economics states, Physical exercise to overcome fear and medicative practice for anger emotion can be practice for important of Agni states. 


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