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Primary health care is an essential part of health care delivery. Ayurveda has been an integrative part of Indian community in their life style, food and disease management. From time immemorial, present modern medical system has engulfed all other global health system to be super in health care system. Ayurvedic system has its roots and branches in remote areas and big metro cities all over India. Millions of people following ayurveda therapy in their routine life especially in India. All India ayurvedic specialists (PG) Association have organized a national conference add new on the same theme. The book compiled titled “Current trends in primary health care through Ayurveda” is published with 64 chapters by different authors. All the chapters are compiled to generate awareness in Ayurvedic research scholars and research temperament. Research chapters are guided & authored by eminent scholars working the field of primary health care. Most of the diseases having high mortality rate can be prevented if properly monitored at primary health centers. In most of the metro cities, Ayurveda wellness centers exists in the country. Still scenario for high mortality disorders is worse in our country. However herbal preparations & Ayurvedic principals can prevent the cardiac, pulmonary & metabolic diseases as mentioned in this compilation. Our doctors can collect data from door to door by social media means & advice some herbs and Ayurvedic lifestyle to prevent the further progression & cure at primary level.  



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