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Handbook of advanced practices in Kayachikitsa

Prof. Rajendra Prasad

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ISBN : 978-93-5970-742-6

Kayachikitsa is very wide and most important discipline among all subjects of Ayurveda. It deals with most of systemic illnesses described in medical science. Large number of books has been written by eminent scholars of ayurveda. Still there is scope of writing many more books on this subject because scope of treatment modalities is infinite. Different people need different kinds of approaches to cure the illnesses (Purushampurushamveekshya). Although the basic principle for line of management of any disease is same as per ayurvedic classics but based on clinical experiences, observations, scientific studies any physician can have separate opinion. For better utilization of this wisdom as well as benefit of mankind, that information has to be propagated through proper documentation. We have made an effort in this direction to document our observations as well as experiences in kayachikitsa. Although the basic treatment guidelines are utilized as per renowned authors of kayachikitsa, We have just incorporated little ideas to make it more fruitful.  



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