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Aging has long been considered a normal process. We think disease, frailty, and gradual decline are inevitable parts of life. But they're not. Science today sees aging as a treatable disease. By addressing its root causes we can not only increase our health span and live longer but prevent and reverse the diseases of aging-including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia. In Young Forever, Dr. Mark Hyman challenges us to reimagine our biology, health, and the process of aging. To uncover the secrets to longevity, he explores the biological hallmarks of aging, their causes, and their consequences-then shows us how to overcome them with simple dietary, lifestyle, and emerging longevity strategies. You'll learn how to optimize your body's key longevity switches; reduce inflammation and support the health of your immune system; exercise, sleep, and de-stress for healthy aging; and eat your way to a long life, featuring Dr. Hyman's Pegan Diet. You'll also get exclusive insight from Dr. Mark Hyman on which supplements are right for you, where the research on aging is headed, and so much more. With dozens of science-based strategies and tips, Young Forever is a revolutionary, practical guide to creating and sustaining health-for life. 


Great book giving great knowledge. Long thought to be a natural phenomenon, ageing. We believe that illness, frailty, and progressive ageing are inevitable aspects of existence. However, they aren't. Today's science views ageing as an illness that can be cured. By addressing its underlying causes, we can not only live longer and enjoy better health, but we can also stop and even reverse the aging-related disorders including dementia, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Dr. Mark Hyman pushes us to rethink our biology, health, and the ageing process in Young Forever. He examines the biology signs of ageing, their causes, and their effects in order to discover the secrets to longevity. He then demonstrates how to combat these biological signs of ageing using straightforward nutritional, lifestyle, and newly developed longevity tactics.

"Young Forever" is an inspiring and thought-provoking book that challenges society's perception of aging and offers a refreshing perspective on embracing the journey of growing older. Written with wisdom and compassion, the author explores the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of aging, guiding readers towards a more empowered and fulfilling experience of their later years. One of the standout features of "Young Forever" is its emphasis on embracing vitality and grace throughout the aging process. The author challenges the notion that youthfulness is solely defined by external appearance and dives deeper into the importance of cultivating inner well-being and a positive mindset. By encouraging readers to prioritize self-care, healthy habits, and maintaining a sense of purpose, the book motivates individuals to live their lives fully, regardless of age.

"Young Forever" by Dr. Mark Hyman is a captivating and insightful book that delves into the science behind aging, offering practical advice on how to optimize health and embrace vitality throughout our lives. As a renowned physician and expert in functional medicine, Dr. Hyman presents a comprehensive guide to understanding the aging process and empowers readers to make informed choices that can help them live a vibrant and fulfilling life. In this review, we will explore the key themes and takeaways from this compelling book.

In "Young Forever," Dr. Mark Hyman presents an inspiring and comprehensive roadmap to achieving optimal health and longevity. With a clear and compelling writing style, the renowned physician and New York Times bestselling author demystify the complexities of aging, offering practical insights and evidence-based strategies to help readers unlock the secrets to ageless living. The book delves into the science of aging, debunking common misconceptions about growing older. Dr. Hyman challenges the traditional notion that aging is an inevitable decline marked by chronic diseases and diminished vitality. Instead, he introduces readers to the concept of "Young Forever," a state of vibrant health that is attainable through lifestyle changes and targeted interventions. Drawing from decades of medical expertise, research, and personal experiences, Dr. Hyman emphasizes the critical role of nutrition in achieving and maintaining youthful vitality. He introduces readers to the concept of "pegan" eating, which combines the best elements of paleo and vegan diets to optimize nutrition and overall health. Moreover, "Young Forever" goes beyond diet and dives into the importance of exercise, sleep, stress management, and toxin reduction in the quest for ageless living. Dr. Hyman presents a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of well-being, empowering readers to make transformative changes in their lives. One of the book's most valuable aspects is its practicality. Dr. Hyman provides readers with actionable steps and customizable plans to integrate his principles into their daily routines. He recognizes that every individual's health journey is unique and offers personalized guidance to suit different needs and lifestyles. Additionally, "Young Forever" explores the role of genetics in aging and debunks the myth that our genetic makeup is the sole determinant of our health destiny. Dr. Hyman empowers readers to take control of their health by understanding the influence of lifestyle choices on gene expression, inspiring hope for positive changes regardless of genetic predispositions. The book is richly supplemented with compelling case studies, inspiring success stories, and the latest scientific research to support Dr. Hyman's recommendations. His approach is deeply rooted in evidence-based medicine, making "Young Forever" a reliable and trustworthy resource for readers seeking to optimize their health and well-being. Moreover, Dr. Hyman's compassionate and relatable writing style makes the complex medical concepts accessible to readers of all backgrounds. He speaks directly to the reader, creating a strong sense of connection and partnership in the pursuit of ageless living. In conclusion, "Young Forever" by Dr. Mark Hyman is a transformative guide to achieving lasting health and vitality. With its evidence-based approach, practical advice, and empowering message, the book serves as a beacon of hope for readers seeking to embrace aging with grace and vigor. Whether one is just beginning their health journey or seeking to improve their existing habits, "Young Forever" offers a wealth of knowledge and actionable steps to lead a fulfilling and ageless life.