My mind wavers betweenbusy life and easy lifePeople with busy lifehope for easy lifePeople with easy lifecrave for busy lifeIt means no body ishappy with their livesWhy this paradoxin creation of GodI

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Behind our quarters, just a few feet diagonally across the boundary wall, stood the brick platform called the 'mandap' where the idols sat.  A framework of bamboos was built around it which was then

12th,May 2022 Thursday  9:06 Dear Dairy, Today something strange happened , before I tell you what happened, let me tell you that I broke friendship with Aditi because she was ingnoring me , and

Points To Ponder 16 Apr 2022 Points to ponder  Women studies  Topics covered  1.Women and Gender 2.Feminist Research  Women studies is different frrom gender studies Women studies is  interdisciplin

अपनी  बातों को ही  मनवाया करता हूँ!  आईने   से  भी   लड़जाया   करता  हूँ!हुस्न और इश्क़  से ही दुनिया क़ायम है,  भँवरा बन&nbs

मुझे  याद  हैं  सभी  किस्से  वो इश्क़  का  ज़माना!कभी रूठना  वो उनका  कभी  उनका  वो मनाना!मुझे तल्ख़  लहजा बचपन  से नहीं  पसंद सुन

जाने  और  अनजाने  में बस तिरा  नाम  पुकारा करते हैं!अक्सर  ही  दीवारों   पर  तिरी  तस्वीर  उतारा  करते  हैं!आतिश ए इश्क़ने बख़्शे

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He was not in my school, but was known to me through a class-mate. He became the 'General Secretary' several times at college and went on to take part in active politics, since then. We used to hold

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I must’ve been in class five or six at that time, when I grew faith in gods and goddesses. I loved to collect small clay idols of these hindu 'devs' and 'devis' , not merely for the belief in their

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Come the end of August and puffy cumulus clouds floating in the crystal clear blue sky declare the advent of 'Sharat kaal'. It is also this time that the perennial grass popularly known as 'kash' gr

मैंने चुना था उपयोग करनाउस भयावह अन्त का भीमैंने कलम उठाई थी किवास्तविकतायें प्रदर्शित होप्रेम कीईश्वर को नकारने कीडर से स्वीकारने कीसच को ढ़ोने कीझूठ को स्वीकारने कीबदलते चेहरों कीव्यक्त होती झूठी संव

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In this short chapter we will see how power of blessings can change your life and how important it is to feel blessings in your life. More you feel blessed more you become happier. Make the habbi

Sex Education 5 May 2022 Sex is to biology Gender is to society Sex is determined by chromosome structure XX chromosome : Male XY chromosome : Female XXY or XXY :Third Gender Man/women From brain Femi

Points to ponder Women studies Topics covered 1.Women and Gender 2.Feminist Research  Women studies is different frrom gender studies Women studies is interdisciplinary subjectand it is very important

Hello Booklouses. We here at Shabd have a great news for you. We’re organizing a monthly January Book writing competition for all you writers out there and not only that, you can win the Expert publis

1 मई रविवार समय 11:35 (रात)मेरी प्यारी सहेली,आज का दिन मजदूर दिवस के रूप में इतिहास के पन्नों पर स्वर्णिम अक्षरों में लिख दिया गया है। मजदूर जो तन, मन से मेहनत करते हैं और उनकी मेहनत की एवज

Based on a 100% true story: A beautiful girl was married in an average household. The guy was an engineer, the girl, a housewife. Very soon they had two children in some years. The initial few years

Hindi song playing in the background, on Radio. Sanvi, ohh sorry, Mrs Sanvi Anant Sharma, mother of an eight year old daughter and five year old son, is working in the kitchen one fine morning.