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Burning fossil fuels, cutting down forests and farming livestock are increasingly influencing the climate and the earth's temperature. This adds enormous amounts of greenhouse gases to those naturally

(प्राकृतिक आपदाओं का कारण और हम) भारत आज विकसित देशों से हाथ मिला रहा है ,और विकसित देश भी भारत के विकास में सहायता कर रहे हैं। पर भारत की आधी से ज्यादा जनसंख्या ,समस्याओं से जूझ रही है ।हम अंग्र

Every year on June 5th, the world comes together to celebrate World Environment Day. This globally recognized event is a reminder of the importance of protecting and preserving our environment for pre

The United Nations designated 5 June as World Environment Day to highlight that the protection and health of the environment is a major issue, which affects the well-being of peoples and economic deve

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World Environment Day: Nurturing a Sustainable Future Introduction Every year on June 5th, people around the world come together to celebrate World Environment Day. This significant observan