2 - Bubbling Away

23 March 2023

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‘This will be the most unique tour since the Second World War.

I’ve told the boys suck it up for fourteen days. It might feel like
a prison, but after that you will be free birds.
Those were pretty much the rst two lines Ravi Shastri said to
us and, in all probability, to his team as well, right after India
landed in Sydney on 12 November 2020.
The Pullman Hotel at Sydney Olympic Park resembled a highsecurity complex on a warm November evening. Tall barricades
were erected around the hotel entrance. Two police cars were
stationed at the top of the road leading to the hotel. One lane
was blocked with eet barricades to ensure no cars could ma‐
noeuvre their way to the hotel driveway. Two more police vehi‐
cles waited at the main junction to escort the buses into the ded‐
icated parking area in front of the lobby. Private security guards
were also present for the smooth transition of the players from
the bus to the reception area. 

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‘This is going to be the most unique cricket tour since the Second World War.’ Ravi Shastri’s prophetic words came true as India pulled off one of the greatest coups in cricketing history, beating Australia in Australia for the second time in three years, eventually breaching the Gabba fortress with what was eventually a skeleton team. Bharat was known as the ‘Eyes and Ears of the Tour’, being the only Indian-origin journalist covering this most memorable series live and seeing the drama unfold in real time. He drove the length and breadth of Australia, journeys that were as thrilling as the series that he was chasing, with the unnerving shadow of Covid always trailing after him. His camaraderie with the Indian team and his standing as among the most respected journalists in the world makes this book incredibly special. Filled with anecdotes from on and off the field, including conversations with coaches, players and other stars of the show, and inputs from his colleague Gaurav Joshi, this book hopes to transport you to the battleground of this never-imagined script. It promises to bring to life the most unique cricket tour, not just since World War II, but perhaps from the time when the sport was conceived.