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The Rule Breakers

Preeti Shenoy

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Completed on 13 May 2022
ISBN : 9789387578678

There are two kinds of people in this world Those who follow the rules and those who do not think twice about breaking them. Studious, smart and sincere, Veda harbors big dreams for the future. But her parents arrange a marriage for her, and the twenty-year-old discovers that she has no say in the matter. Forced to leave behind an idyllic life in the hill town of Joshimath—filled with conversations and pleasurable times with her siblings, and her best friend, the handsome Suraj—she puts aside her ambitions and moves into a flat in Pune with an indifferent husband and a mother-in-law from hell. Though brought up to be quiet and obedient, Veda chafes at the meaninglessness of her existence and struggles to cope with the unexpected loneliness she is engulfed in. Then, amidst the dark clouds of stagnation and despondency, Veda carves out the unlikeliest of silver linings. How does she do this? By breaking the rules? Or by following them? 


Great read and highly recommended. In this world, there are two types of people. Those who adhere to the law and those who wouldn't hesitate to disobey it. Veda is sincere, intelligent, and has lofty aspirations for the future. But the twenty-year-old learns that she has no control over her parents' marriage arrangement. She sets aside her goals and relocates to an apartment in Pune with an uncaring husband and a mother-in-law from hell after being forced to leave behind a beautiful life in the hill town of Joshimath, full with chats and enjoyable moments with her brothers and her best friend, the handsome Suraj.

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