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The One You Cannot Have

Preeti Shenoy

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Completed on 13 May 2022
ISBN : 9789383260683

It's hard to find a book that explains what love is, due to its utterly complex nature. The One You Cannot Have is love story based on the multifaceted ground of love. Author weaves the story around a guy named Aman, who finds love the second time with Anjali, but his past with Shruti still lingers on in the depth of his heart. Aman and Shurti were inseparable once. Both saw future in each other. One unfortunate day Shruti breaks up with Aman. Shattered, he leaves the country. Shruti marries Rishabh. Aman returns after a while and finds Anjali. With a heart filled with love for Shruti, Aman tries to make a new start. He feels affection for Anjali, but his wounded heart has not healed yet. Based on the beat of true love, a heart touching and moving story of knotty relationships and enclosed emotions - The One You Cannot Have.  


A great romantic book. Highly recommended for everyone. Due to the utmost complexity of love, it is difficult to discover a book that defines it. The love narrative The One You Cannot Have is built on the complex foundation of love. The protagonist of the novel, Aman, falls in love again with Anjali, but his relationship with Shruti still remains in the depths of his heart. Once, Aman and Shurti couldn't be apart. Both recognised potential in the other. Unluckily, Shruti ends her relationship with Aman one day. He departs the country broken. Rishabh marries Shruti. After some time, Aman returns and discovers Anjali. Aman strives to start over with a heart full of love for Shruti. Despite his devotion for Anjali, his broken heart has not healed.

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