Shabd Book -

Struggle for Old Age Home

Aamir Khan

2 Chapters
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Completed on 8 December 2023
ISBN : 9789357042635
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This story is about Aarav and Aanya. Aarav belongs to Khirsu village in Uttarakhand, but because of his job, he stays in Indira Nagar, Lucknow. He has finished his studies at Lucknow University and is now a banker. His family stays in Uttarakhand. His family has a gorgeous mother, a tall father, and a charming younger sister. He is a reticent boy who be- lieves in everything in his family, so he took the decision to marry his parents' desire. Love marriage isn't feasible for him because no girl has ever come into his life. Aanya belongs to Kanatal village in Uttarakhand. She has completed her studies at the college of Uttarakhand and now she is a nurse. She works in a private hos- pital in Uttarakhand and stays in with a joint family. She is very fond of music and she often starts dancing to the beat of the music. She is a cheerful and sup- portive girl. She is the daughter of his uncle but she had never seen him before because he has shifted to Lucknow after schooling and very few used to come home. The story is about a mother who spends her entire life making her son successful but her destiny was Old Age Home.