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Nobody Does the Right Thing: A Novel

Amitava Kumar

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Completed on 10 August 2022
ISBN : 9780822346821

A young poet is killed by her lover, a politician, in the eastern Indian state of Bihar. Soon afterward, across India in Bombay, an idealistic journalist is hired by a movie director to write a Bollywood screenplay about the murdered poet. Research for the script takes the writer, Binod, back to Bihar, where he and his cousin Rabinder were raised. While the high-minded Binod struggles to turn the poet’s murder into a steamy tale about small towns, desire, and intrigue, Rabinder sits in a Bihari jail cell, having been arrested for distributing pornography through a cybercafé. Rabinder dreams of a career in Bollywood filmmaking, and, unlike his cousin, he is not burdened by ethical scruples. Nobody Does the Right Thing is the story of these two cousins and the ways that their lives unexpectedly intertwine. Set in the rural villages of Bihar and the metropolises of Bombay and Delhi, the novel is packed with telling details and anecdotes about life in contemporary India. At the same time, it is a fictional investigation into how narratives circulate and vie for supremacy through gossip, cinema, popular fiction, sensational journalism, and the global media. 


Amazing book. In the eastern Indian state of Bihar, a young poet is murdered by the politician who was her boyfriend. Soon later, a Bollywood screenwriter in Bombay, India, hires an idealistic journalist to draught a script for his upcoming film on the murdered poet. The writer, Binod, went back to Bihar, where he and his cousin Rabinder were nurtured, for research purposes. Rabinder is detained in a Bihari jail cell after being accused for disseminating pornography via a cybercafé while the lofty Binod strives to make the poet's death into a gripping story about tiny villages, desire, and intrigue. Rabinder, unlike his cousin, has no ethical concerns and hopes to make Bollywood films as a career. The tale of them is told in Nobody Does the Right Thing.

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