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The Stray

Alessio Chiadini Beuri

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"A vitriolic thriller full of action and caustic jokes set in a New York corrupted by sin, hunger and organised crime in the 1930s. The death of Elizabeth Perkins seems to be a case already solved: the body found in the house, no sign of robbery, a husband who lost track of him. But there is something that does not convince Mason Stone, private investigator and former police officer. A box of matches, a past that is struggling to emerge and a mysterious suitor are just the ends of a tangle that becomes more and more tangled every time the truth seems to come closer. Stone will be forced to fight against an entire city, against a New York corrupted by sin, hunger and organised crime, in a vortex of violence that grows tighter and tighter around him, like the coils of a snake." 



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