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The Blue Book : A Writer's Journal

Amitava Kumar

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Completed on 9 August 2022
ISBN : 9789354893742

“In those terrible days of the lockdown during the pandemic, we were all waiting. We were waiting for things to be all right. And one day, they will indeed be all right. But the dead will never come back. The businesses that have closed and will not reopen; the dreams dashed; the families and relationships that could not withstand the strain. This is why it is important to note down all the changes in our lives. Write them down in a journal. When we do that, we are recording our own history.” Drawing as a way of keeping a diary, writing down thoughts in a journal as a way of maintaining a historical record – in watercolours and also in words. These were resources that Amitava Kumar had been using even before the pandemic arrived. But the task gained urgency just when he felt most isolated and afraid. The Blue Book is a writer’s artistic response to our present world: one that has bestowed upon us countless deaths from a virus, a flood of fake news, but also love in the face of loss, travels through diverse landscapes, and – if we care to notice – visions of blazing beauty. From one of the acclaimed and accomplished authors of our time, this writer’s journal is a panoramic portrait of the experience, both individual and collective, of the pandemic. 


A great book with a great story. We were all waiting during those dreadful pandemic lockdown days. We were hoping everything would work out. They will be okay one day, in fact. The deceased, though, will never return. The failure of families and marriages to bear the stress; the enterprises that have shuttered and won't reopen; the broken dreams. This is why it's crucial to document every change in our life. Record them in a journal. We are writing our own history when we do that. Drawing as a way to keep a notebook, putting down ideas in a journal as a way to preserve a historical record—both in words and in watercolours. These were the tools Amitava used in this book. Highly recommended to everyone.

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