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I Am Krishna - Vol 1

Deep Trivedi

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‘I am Krishna’ is the first voluminous chronological account of Krishna’s entire life, right from his birth to his death in one continuous gripping story which chronicles the transformation of Krishna from a cowherd boy to the King of Dwarka. Well – researched and integrated from multiple ancient texts and scriptures, this is a detailed account of Krishna’s life which is embellished with Krishna’s thoughts and his psychology at various significant points and explains how he evolved with each incident to become great as we know him today. This book highlights the many facets of Krishna’s personality as an artist, a politician, a businessman, a psychologist, a lover, a visionary and a spiritual guru and explains how he was able to master all fields in a single life. Most significantly, this book is a must read for every individual as it creates a psychological impact on the mind of the reader thereby leading him towards his own journey of evolvement. 


Deep Trivedi's "I Am Krishna - Vol 1" is a thought-provoking examination of Lord Krishna's life and teachings that combines traditional philosophy with modern understanding. The book offers helpful lessons for daily living while simplifying the Bhagavad Gita's difficult ideas for contemporary readers. Engaging and perceptive, Trivedi's writing blends intellectual conversation with storytelling. The book explores human behaviour psychology and provides deep insights into the mind and emotions. It provides useful tasks and thoughts for revolutionary transformation, fostering introspection and personal development. This literary masterpiece is proof of the enduring value of spiritual insight.

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