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3 Easy Steps To Win At Life The First-Ever Scientifically Designed Book ‘3 Easy Steps To Win At Life’ is the latest release by renowned author Deep Trivedi who has penned several bestsellers such as ‘I am The Mind’, ‘I am Krishna’, ‘101 All Time Great Stories’, ‘The Black Book of Soul’ and many more. This scientifically designed book will trigger a 360-degree transformation in your life. For ease of application, the book has been designed in three easy steps. Step 1 will help you to introspect and thus make you aware of your true self; and this self-introspection is of utmost importance. For, it is due to lack of self-awareness that a human being finds himself mired in problems. Therefore, this self-introspection in the first step itself will help you find a release from all your self-generated problems. Likewise, Step 2 will help you break free from all mental, familial, societal and financial problems beleaguering your life. As you are well aware, it is only when a human being is free of problems that he can function in a positive manner and achieve something of consequence. Proceeding further, Step 3 is designed to steer your life in the right direction, which will not only help boost your confidence but also teach you how to make the right decisions. And when your decisions prove to be right, your life will surely experience a 360-degree transformation. To gain this invaluable learning, all you have to do is allocate seven days to read the book and diligently fill in its 50+ day-to-day practical applications. For, it is these very applications filled in by you that will act as your true friend, philosopher and guide and steer you lifelong on the right path. This little effort on your part will not only serve you well by freeing you from all your problems, but also help you live the life of your dreams. 


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