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I Am Krishna - Vol 2 - Trials & Triumphs In Mathura

Deep Trivedi

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ISBN : 9789384850388

'I am Krishna – Vol 2 – Trials & Triumphs in Mathura' is the second book in the book series, I am Krishna by bestselling author of 'I Am The Mind', Deep Trivedi. The book narrates intriguing events of Krishna’s life in Mathura and answers several important questions about Krishna’s life such as: Why did Krishna slay Kansa? Why was Krishna chased out of Mathura? What was the love story of Krishna and Rukmini? What was the relationship between Krishna and Satyabhama? ‘I am Krishna’ Vol. 1, received an overwhelming response after its release and has been nominated for Crossword Book Awards 2018 in the Non-Fiction Popular Category. ‘I am Krishna’, is a product of research from over 15 ancient texts, which not only depicts Krishna’s life chronologically, but also strives to explain the psychological import of his actions along with answering all the questions related to his life. This book, which is a biography of Krishna, will enlighten readers on how Krishna, using the power of his mind, overcame the challenges that came his way, emerging victorious against all odds. Most importantly, this riveting story, which is a first-person account, will provide the reader with deep psychological insights into Krishna’s life, a powerful and revered personality about whom everyone wants to know and understand. Since the author of the book is a pioneer in spiritual psychodynamics, the book depicts the psychology of Krishna at various important points and its subsequent transitions, which makes it clear for the readers as to what he did and why? This book has been extensively researched and the years of Krishna’s life have been threaded together from: Mahabharat, Shatapatha Brahmana, Aitareya Aaranyak, Nirukta, Ashtadhyayi, Garga Samhita, Jataka Katha, Arthashastra, Indika, Harivamsa Puran, Vishnu Puran, Mahabhashya, Padma Puran, Markandey Puran and Kurma Puran... 


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