The victims victory.

3 January 2023

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Rose had a sweet friend, she used to act for a magazine ,,"Mrs,", and her nick name is Laila, she was a innocent young girl when she was mistreated .and as grew up she started feeding those mistreatment into her mind, thoughts and activities which led her to path of darkness, illness and suffocations. she suffered so hard during her study period and she felt imperfectly for everyone who made her feel jealousy, tearful and impatient.
 Every alternate moment she  would feel pressurized to express and explain her ways, mind and advances with focus, strength and it was disorganized self emotions she later realized with the help of her doctor to which she acted absurd and intolerant.
 thus she became addicted to useless activities of sex indulgence,drug addictions, and stylize herself with the stuffs of annoyance. she even did not receive the benevolence of kind ruler and ministers of her country and thus led her ways through woods.
But surprisingly she was met with by a very  blessed man in Tuesday in the month of may, because her house was near to temple and she passed every day by the side of temple and she just kept distance from God and godly people, for many years as well, But this time she had a small dog with her who barked at her when it gets hungry at most of times, 
and such an incident happened that she got incredible invitations for her smile and beautiful styles and dramatic poses in the road after she used her drinking bottles  at the roadside near the film hall and sometimes  by the park sites. Thus some converged  looks helps her and she is now uplifted to the level of long and wide talks, and praises.Thus someway or the other good happens to a human , if dear God and the thought process controlling here the blessed man of Tuesday is responsible for inserted pleasures in life of unruly lady Rose. 

I salute the patience of those Men who stay away,from wife,their own children and friends,, They love because they think love is incomparable, can't be challenged, can't reach any accuracy, How the feelings changes an disintegrated woman into a modest lady, who faces her ultimate challenge ,and set herself free from the strongest emotional bondings which framed her mind and spirits,, Understanding , and not adjustment is what we achieve after all our efforts to move to ladder of success, our success is stuffed with self adjustments and walks through the routes of understanding amongst our fellow beings, that's the nectar we receive as PH.D holders who outstand their working spheres, that's all is the moto, soul and richness of a mind,,,, no beauty ever revealed is successful , unless they get modified with only an attitude, which is inclusive of will to donate,,,This is in regards to sadhvis and mahatmas practising their actions , at Mt Abu. Who will to pacify one moral, woman are strong and man make them more strong by praying them..... This may be my personal opinion but I find it true when I get my work completed...... My book "Miss "will give you visualisation where you can access a lot of information what presently girls think about a Man "? and "How modern women is different than ancient women " in taste, attitude and confidence in convincing any levels of work and personalities , in terms of conducts,?,What exactly the character is! Should we ask this to a women Bramacharini, or to a Women misconducted, misbehaved, or to a women of high status , measured in terms of wealth!? My personal opinions matter if I gets your right suggestions so that we can impoverise the forth coming editions of this issue ..l My restless attitude finds peace in getting serviles to those who value most the time, energy and space, Life is full of so many variants that we usually take just one field of specialisation, and our struggles make others updated abt their needs.