My first friend.

11 December 2022

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Ancient  pages of our culture depicts  about women and they were regarded high in the society and my love for them is absolute., My friend Rajesh is a philosopher, he studies lot about women, her needs and her love of creating her own work profile and her esteem as accomplished and loved to and sought after.

 Really  it's pleasant and sometimes so sensational  that an aggressive male gets accustomed to her presence and ascertains right knowledge from her....

what exactly we love doing,is innocently make others hook to single  ,we actually love to be adorable to the one ,who thinks "we can do something good" but at the same moment we  get different and develop more pride for the work we complete and are thankful to the sponsers with a little bit low esteem.
My friend used to act in an entertainment channel.she loved the planners , daily executed events, struggles, but once so happened that at her age of 20 she started talking abusively to one of her college friend, which misa could not tolerate. 
Misa brought excuses and started avoiding her so much and often she  used to get into low considerarion spheres for Misa's activities , defaming her.... This circumstances associating with the young lady created a difference in her way of behaviors.But finally, 
Misa had her boyfriend , she used her to take to malls and discoes, bars, public parks,cinemas and sometimes to hotels.... 
Now let us see what is my friend is  at her best. Her best moments include an outing with her good friends who are extremely reliable. The people who are crying for a reason to see their own success, and stuffs rightly set never act patiently that she often comments. My friend Rajesh brings on thousands of gentle deliverance to all predictable and futuristic  ideas how  the dear women  comes across and liberates herself from all the pains inspire of her false picturization of her self image in the society.
The probable stories bringing a sense and relevance  often guarantees a self pride , pleasure and stamina which initiates a lasting essence.... it's just like sweet smell of insense stick which has a lingering effect. 
Rajesh goes on, creating those mesmerizing effects by stressing the smaller  but abundant  energy points which illuminates a dynamism and women being in such persons who don't cry often but leave behind brightened aura in their appropriate space..........
Woman is the, universe itself. No father No man No body can describe her , She stays in the most challenging and she is received by all ....well and nice....she may not be described as legendry but Then what is she,!!!!! She is distraction and that perfection which every women wants, atlast,,,.....