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The Shambala Sutras

Aurijit Ganguli

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ISBN : 9781648929816

Set to find out the mythological Sanjeevani plant of the Ramayana, botanist Arjun and chef Lisa were circumstantially clubbed in an unlikely team that travelled from New York to the Western Himalayas in search of the truth. The series of revelations they stumbled upon was beyond their wildest imagination. Unwittingly, they were on their way to a mystical place that was rumoured, for centuries, to be the epitome of ultimate knowledge, power and wealth. Pitched against a global antagonistic force and a multitude of challenges, they pushed forward through the perils of the snowy Himalayas. They had to reach the magical place to receive the Sutras of life and a fore-warning of the biggest catastrophe in the 21st century that would be unfolding in a few months. 


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