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Humanity is at a tipping point: We stand at a crossroads of accelerating change unlike anything ever seen in the history of life. It feels as if the future could tip either way. Between utopia and apocalypse. The risks we face are daunting. But beneath the rampant pessimism for our future is evidence that humanity can not only survive the coming centuries, but thrive deep into the future. No one knows what comes next. But there are three broad paths our future could take. The first is Collapse: a major catastrophe threatens the downfall of civilization and possibly even extinction of the human race. Second is Plateau: where mankind averts collapse but hits an upper limit of progress. And third is Transcendence: where humanity reaches its full potential, multiplies into the trillions, or transforms along the way into something entirely unimaginable. Envisioning these futures will clarify the risks we face, and the promise we have, as we step into an unpredictable new era, for planet Earth, and for ourselves. how resilient is civilization? How big of a hit can we take, and keep going? But is this higher future actually in reach, or are we at the peak of our powers? How far can we go?  



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