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The Mystery Mountains

Aurijit Ganguli

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Completed on 4 August 2022
ISBN : 9798886292244

As per the calculation of certain discerning sages of the yore, the earth is likely to pass through the path of large comet fragments and astral debris in the next few years. Such a cataclysm can engender widespread devastation for all species and decimate human civilisation. After solving the uncanny mystery behind the disappearance of a few botanists, Chef Lisa and Botanist Arjun incidentally get paired up with an impassioned archaeologist. Together, they set out to unearth the clues that would lead them to an intriguing, esoteric technology, which might neutralise the impact of the impending cataclysm significantly. Pitched against a global criminal force and a multitude of challenges, they travel to different continents to explore the sites of antediluvian civilisations in their quest for global safety. Guided by the wise ones of a pre-historic tribe of Peru, the series of revelations that they unravel is beyond their wildest imagination. 


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