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The Girl Who Disappeared

Vikrant Khanna

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Completed on 27 July 2022
ISBN : 9780143449188

At the onset of her getaway to the hills of Himachal Pradesh in a secluded tourist spot, Writer’s Hill, Nisha knew something terrible was going to happen. Less than seventy-two hours later, she goes missing under mysterious circumstances. When the police arrive and question the co-inhabitants, they’re surprised at their statements. All of them describe an eerie, almost supernatural, occurrence on the night of Nisha’s disappearance. To add to the strangeness is a unique coterie of travellers-Nisha’s ignorant boyfriend, a reclusive but nosy writer and a young couple who are not what they seem. There is also the caretaker’s visually impaired daughter who claims she can ‘see things’. With barely any leads, the police know they have to work doubly hard if they want to find Nisha, but with each passing day, the mystery around her disappearance gets murkier. Where is Nisha? 


Amazing story and amazing characters. Highly recommended for everyone to read. Nisha had a dreadful feeling something bad was about to happen even before she left for her break to the Himachal Pradesh hills in a remote tourist destination called Writer's Hill. She disappears under strange circumstances less than 72 hours later. The co-residents are shocked by their statements when the police arrive and question them. They all spoke of a strange, almost supernatural phenomenon that took place the night Nisha vanished. A peculiar group of travellers, including Nisha's clueless boyfriend, a reclusive but nosy writer, and a young couple who are not who they appear, add to the oddity.

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