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Love Lasts Forever

Vikrant Khanna

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Completed on 27 July 2022
ISBN : 9789382665175

Love Lasts Forever: Only If You Don't Marry Your Love, by Vikrant Khanna, is a fictional read on a realistic topic from the lives of many. This is the story of a teenager named Ronit and his girlfriend Aisha. Ronit loves Aisha madly and believes that his love for her could never die. After few years of happiness together, both get married and from there starts the episodes that make Ronit realise that no love lasts forever. The same woman he had loved for years suddenly starts showcasing behaviour he couldn't believe she could have. Confused and unable to understand the reasons for this devastating change, Ronit curses his getting married to his love and ruining the happiness they were living in. Not able to adjust with the sudden changes, Ronit gets to know about another love story of one of his friends, Shekhar, which shuffles up his understanding about love and marriage. While this part of the story was proceeding, Ronit's ship gets hijacked by some pirates. This story is full of events and important messages for the readers. Was it the mistake of the marriage alone and what changes did the marriage bring that brought Ronit's life upside down make this book not just an interesting piece of read but a practical insight for the readers to relate to. The book leaves the readers with a big question about the lasting nature of love. 


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