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Someone Like You

Durjoy Datta

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Completed on 29 July 2022
ISBN : 9780143417699

It is a contemporary novel that revolves around the lives of five people who are looking for the right path in their lives. The book begins with the story of a girl named Niharika Singh, who considered herself to be ugly until her sister Simran gives her a wonderful makeover. After her transformation, Niharika realised that she is also as beautiful as every other girl whom she used to consider prettier than her. When she goes into a completely new city for her college, she meets three new boys, Tanmay, Karthik and Akshat. Tanmay eventually becomes her best friend, Karthik ends up being a mysterious guy in her life whom she likes but always remains confused about him. Akshat turns out to be her sister’s ex-boyfriend but they start forming an unusual bond. In the story, there is another girl called Pia, who is Niharika’s roommate and her only friend in the new college campus. Pia is already in a long-distance relationship with Vishal, but starts liking Tanmay, who is already in love with her. The storyline beautifully interweaves around the lives of all these five characters on their quest to find what’s right for them. While revolving around love stories and each character’s individual lives, the book also sends a message across that everyone cannot be trusted without much experience and reason. Even one cannot blame others without knowing all the hidden facts about their behaviour. Everyone has black, white and grey shades in their nature and different shades come out with different experiences and people around them. All these interesting things are described in a beautiful lucid manner, which makes the book quite an engaging read from the very first page to the last. 


Great book and highly recommended. It is a modern book that centres on the lives of five individuals who are trying to find the proper route in life. The book opens with the tale of Niharika Singh, a young woman who, up until her sister Simran gave her a gorgeous makeover, thought she was ugly. Niharika recognised after her metamorphosis that she is just as attractive as every other girl, who she previously thought was more attractive than her. She meets three new boys, Tanmay, Karthik, and Akshat, as she moves to a brand-new city for college. Tanmay ends up being her best friend, while Karthik remains a strange man in her life who she likes but never quite understands. It turns out that Akshat is her sister.

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