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Now That You’re Rich Let’s Fall in Love!

Durjoy Datta

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Completed on 30 July 2022
ISBN : 9780143421610

This is a story about life of 4 youngsters, their past, their love life, how they met in Investment bank, how they balanced their personal and professional life, and how they support each other in bad time. For Abhijeet, Saurav, Shruti, Garima life is about to change. They have the most sought-after jobs in the country that will pay for designer clothes, shoes, watches, holidays in foreign locations . . . But then, is life ever perfect? Things begin to get tough from day one as they begin to work under bosses who are straight out of hell. Things go from bad to worse as they fall in love and sleep around with all the wrong people. Then when recession affects the company, their bond begins to strain. Till one day, the very reason that got them together, tears them apart: Money. This book has high emotional drama, love, sex, heartbreak, friendship, couching, loads of work and recession, politics in professional field, hot colleagues and their style spirit and mainly different than other IITian’s love story. 


A very fascinating story with great characters. This is the tale of the lives of four young people—their pasts, romantic relationships, how they met at an investment bank, how they managed to reconcile personal and professional obligations, and how they helped one another out of difficult situations. It's about to get different in Abhijeet, Saurav, Shruti, and Garima's lives. They have the most in-demand occupations in the nation, which will pay for designer clothing, shoes, watches, vacations abroad, and more. But is life really ever perfect? As soon as they start working for bosses who are right out of hell, things start to get difficult. As they fall in love and have inappropriate relationships, things get worse. Then, when the company experiences a recession, their bond starts to deteriorate. Highly recommended for everyone.

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