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Banaras Talkies

Satya Vyas

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Completed on 13 August 2022
ISBN : 9780143454595

Bhagwandas Hostel at Banaras Hindu University can be mistaken as being like any other college hostel, but that would be a gross error. For, among the corridors of BD Hostel roam never-before-seen characters: Suraj the narrator, whose goal is to woo a girl, any girl; Anurag De, for whom cricket is life, literally, and Jaivardhan, whose melancholia gets him to answer every query with ‘ghanta’. Follow the adventures of the three friends and others as they navigate undergraduate life in one of India’s most vibrant colleges, plan to steal exam papers, struggle to speak to women, find friends in corridors lined with dirty linen, and forge lifelong bonds amid bad mess food. First published in Hindi in 2015, Banaras Talkies has remained on the bestseller list since then. A slice-of-life novel, it captures college life with all its twists and turns. Written with the idiomatic flourish that is the hallmark of Banarasi colloquialism, this comic novel is one of India’s great coming-of-age novels. 


Amazing book and highly recommended. It's possible to think that Bhagwandas Hostel at Banaras Hindu University is just like any other college dormitory, but that would be a serious mistake. For instance, Suraj the narrator, whose purpose is to court any female, Anurag De, for whom cricket is literally his life, and Jaivardhan, whose melancholia causes him to respond to every question with "ghanta," are just a few of the never-before-seen individuals who prowl the hallways of BD Hostel. Follow the exploits of the three buddies and other characters as they negotiate college life in one of India's most active universities, plot to steal exam papers, struggle to speak to ladies, make lifelong friends while eating rotten food, and discover friendships in halls draped with dirty linen.

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