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Dilli Durbar

Satya Vyas

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ISBN : 9789387578739

Who says the big city is a hard nut to crack? Rahul Mishra is your boy-next-door. He has a roving eye, is always looking for shortcuts and takes nothing seriously. But he is always on top of things, and Delhi is his newest challenge. This city is nothing like his home town in Jharkhand, but Rahul knows he can make it work. Balancing his MBA with a colourful love-life, he is hatching more than one crooked scheme and conning more than one person. Even his best friend Mohit cannot say how Rahul juggles it all. Satya Vyas’s Dilli Durbar is a witty, highly relatable take on bachelor life in the big, bad city of Delhi. 


Amazing book and highly recommended. Who thinks navigating the large metropolis is a challenge? Rahul Mishra is the neighbour boy. He doesn't take anything seriously, has a wandering eye, and is constantly seeking out short cuts. Delhi is his most recent challenge, but he always stays on top of things. Though this metropolis is very different from his hometown in Jharkhand, Rahul is certain that he can adapt and make it work. While juggling his MBA with a vibrant love life, he is concocting numerous nefarious plots and defrauding numerous people. Even his closest friend Mohit is unable to describe Rahul's juggling act. Dilli Durbar by Satya Vyas is a hilarious, incredibly familiar portrayal of bachelor life in Delhi, the big, terrible city.

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