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She Broke Up I Didn't - I Just Kissed Someone Else!

Durjoy Datta

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Completed on 30 July 2022
ISBN : 9780143421597

This book is the third in line, which features the life-struggles and love story of the main characters, Avantika and Deb. The book is for light reading and mostly appeals to young readers who are looking for a story that they can relate to. The book She Broke Up, I Didn't! - I Just Kissed Someone Else! has been written by Durjoy Dutta who is fast becoming one of the most popular young writers of this decade. In this book, the plot revolves around Debashish Roy, an average looking normal guy who is in love with a woman called Avantika. She, in turn, is beautiful and devoted to him. He had, in fact, helped her get out of a habit of taking drugs, hence the bond was formed. Both the characters are carrying emotional baggage from the past, which eventually causes them to drift apart. While he keeps wondering why she has chosen an ordinary man like him, she has her own turmoil’s to deal with. The plot gets a twist when he cheats on her. However, sooner than later, they reconcile. But the story is not as simple as it seems, soon he cheats on her again, and things go on for a toss this time. The characters bring to the forefront the problems being faced by modern couples in today’s times: how growing mistrust and insecurities leads to infidelity. The reader is forced to think whether he would have forgiven his partner in such a scenario, and if most people know the difference between love and lust. The author is known for writing romantic novels in which he manages to display human emotions in an easily relatable manner. 


A great book with a great concept. Also the characters are also very amazing. The third novel in the series, this one tells the love tale and life hardships of Avantika and Deb. The book is intended as light reading, and young readers who are looking for a relatable story will likely find it appealing. The author of She Broke Up, I Didn't! - I Just Kissed Someone Else! is Durjoy Dutta, who is quickly rising to the top of the list of young authors in this decade. The main character of this book, Debashish Roy, is a normal-looking boy who is in love with a woman named Avantika. She is equally attractive and loyal to him. He had actually assisted her in breaking her drug habit, which is why they became close.

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