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Ramayana: The Game of Life - Book 6 - Think Big to Win

Shubha Vilas

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Completed on 8 August 2022
ISBN : 9789391019990

Dare to Transform Your Life THE RAMAYANA IS NOT A STORY. IT IS A WAY OF LIFE. IT IS THE GAME OF LIFE. How one responds to difficult situations when faced with challenges determines the outcome. The ability of Rama’s army of vanaras to envision building the bridge from the mainland to Lanka to rescue Sita is one of the many lessons on faith. Here are some invaluable lessons on overcoming obstacles. Think big. The tiny squirrels contributed in their small ways to build the mammoth bridge to Lanka. Aim high. Sugriva, leading a vanara army, dared to win a war without any armor or training against a sophisticated demon army. Recognise opportunities and adapt. Hanuman could expand his size or contract, focusing on his goal to serve Rama. Are you thinking big to succeed in life? THINK BIG TO WIN is the sixth book in Ramayana: The Game of Life series. A modern retelling of the Yuddha Kanda of Valmiki’s epic, this book highlights the efforts of the various characters who irrespective of their size, stature or abilities, succeeded in helping Rama rescue Sita from Lanka. Teeming with lessons in self-belief and daring to take up tasks which may seem beyond your capacity and accomplishing them, the book evokes progressive attitudes to help you overcome self-perceived limitations and achieve your dreams. 


A great book and highly recommended. Try to change your life. NOT A STORY, THE RAMAYANA IS NOT. A WAY OF LIFE, IT IS. THE GAME OF LIFE IS THIS. The way one handles obstacles when they arise impacts how things turn out. One of the numerous lessons on faith is the ability of Rama's army of vanaras to imagine constructing the bridge from the mainland to Lanka to rescue Sita. Here are some priceless advice on conquering challenges. Aim high. The tiny squirrels made a small but meaningful contribution to building the enormous bridge to Lanka. Target high. Sugriva, commanding a vanara army, had the audacity to defeat an experienced demon army without the need of armour or training.

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