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Ramayana: The Game of Life – Book 4

Shubha Vilas

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Completed on 6 August 2022
ISBN : 9789386348920

Life is a continuum of successes and failures and each setback is a new opportunity for growth. Sugriva was mortally terrified of Vali but he eventually became king of Kishikanda. Sampati thought he was helpless but he was the one who helped and steered to monkeys to their ultimate goal of finding Sita. Do you have the courage to face your fears and failures? Learn how you can find strength to get exactly what you want with single-minded pursuit as the author takes you through situations of helplessness and how to face them to emerge stronger. “Sometimes our intuition speaks in a foreign language called fear.” “One who aspires to dominate over others is looking for happiness. One who aspires to dominate over oneself is looking for satisfaction.” 


Great book with a unique concept. Highly recommended. Life is a series of accomplishments and failures, and each setback presents a fresh chance for development. Vali was so terrifying to Sugriva that he never succeeded in becoming Kishikanda's king. Sampati believed himself to be useless, but it was he who guided the monkeys towards their ultimate objective of locating Sita. Do you possess the fortitude to confront your failures and fears? As the book guides you through instances of powerlessness and how to face them to emerge stronger, you will learn how to discover the strength to pursue your goals with unwavering tenacity. "Our intuition occasionally uses a strange language called fear to communicate." "A person seeking dominance over others is seeking happiness.

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