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In an Antique Land

Amitav Ghosh

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Completed on 24 May 2022
ISBN : 9780143066491

Packed with anecdote and exuberant detail, In an Antique Land provides magical and intimate insights into Egypt from the Crusades to Operation Desert Storm. It exposes the indistinguishable and intertwining ties that bind together India and Egypt, Hindus and Muslims and Jews. By combining fiction, history, travel writing and anthropology, to create a single seamless work of imagination, Ghosh characteristically makes us rethink the political boundaries that divide the world and the generic boundaries that divide narratives. 


Amazing book and highly recommended. In an Antique Land offers beautiful and personal insights about Egypt from the Crusades to Operation Desert Storm. It is jam-packed with story and vivacious detail. It reveals the inseparable and entwined relationships that connect Egypt and India, Hindus and Muslims, and Jews. Ghosh's distinctive ability to blend fiction with history, travel writing, ethnography, and other genres to produce a one seamless work of fiction forces us to reconsider the political divisions that exist between nations and the generic lines that separate narratives.

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