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Kashmir: The Case for Freedom

Arundhati Roy

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ISBN : 9781844677351

Kashmir is one of the most protracted and bloody occupations in the world—and one of the most ignored. Under an Indian military rule that, at half a million strong, exceeds the total number of US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, freedom of speech is non-existent, and human- rights abuses and atrocities are routinely visited on its Muslim-majority population. In the last two decades alone, over seventy thousand people have died. Ignored by its own corrupt politicians, abandoned by Pakistan and the West, which refuses to bring pressure to bear on its regional ally, India, the Kashmiri people’s ongoing quest for justice and self- determination continues to be brutally suppressed. Exploring the causes and consequences of the occupation, Kashmir: The Case for Freedom is a passionate call for the end of occupation, and for the right of self- determination for the Kashmiri people. 


कश्मीर के बारे में हम शायद शब्दों में बयां नहीं कर सकते यह हादसे इतने भयंकर से के वहां के होने वाले लोगों की रूह भी कांप जाती थी आखिर सरकार ने एक नया कदम उठाया है कश्मीर को अपने साथ मिलाकर कश्मीर में होने वाले सारे अपराधों को रोकने में मदद मिल सकती है जो लोग भागी हो चुके हैं उनके साथ भी उनके विश्वास को हासिल करना यह एक अहम कदम होगा उन्हें यह समझाना कि कश्मीर केवल कश्मीर नहीं बल्कि वह भी भारत का ही अंग है और वह लोग भी भारतीय ही है जैसे बाकी सब का सम्मान होता है वैसे ही कश्मीर में रहने वाले हर व्यक्ति का होगा

Thanks brother for write about kashmir

A nice book for people interested in politics. Gives great facts. One of the world's longest-running and bloodiest occupations—and one of the most neglected—is in Kashmir. Freedom of speech is nonexistent, and its Muslim-majority population is constantly subjected to human rights violations and atrocities under the control of an Indian military that, at half a million strong, outnumbers all US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 70,000 people have passed away in only the last two decades. The Kashmiri people's continued struggle for justice and self-determination is still being ruthlessly suppressed while being ignored by their own corrupt government, abandoned by Pakistan, and ignored by the West, which refuses to put pressure on its regional partner, India. Kashmir: The Case for Freedom is an impassioned examination of the reasons and effects of the occupation.

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