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Amitav Ghosh

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On 11 May 1998 the Indian government tested five nuclear devices some forty kilometers from Pokaran. Seventeen days later Pakistan tested nuclear devices of its own. About three months after the tests, Amitav Ghosh went to the Pokaran area, after which he visited Kashmir as part of the defense minister’s entourage. He also went to the Siachen glacier in the Karakoram Mountains where Indian and Pakistani soldiers have been exchanging fire since 1983. Ghosh then travelled through Pakistan and Nepal. Countdown is partly a result of these journeys and conversations with many hundreds of people of the subcontinent. 


Really cool book, loved it and would recommend to others too. The Indian government detonated five nuclear weapons on May 11, 1998, about 40 km near Pokaran. Pakistan conducted its own nuclear weapon tests seventeen days later. Amitav Ghosh visited the Pokaran region three months after the tests, and then he travelled to Kashmir with the defence minister's entourage. In the Karakoram Mountains' Siachen Glacier, where Indian and Pakistani soldiers have been exchanging fire since 1983, he also went. Then Ghosh made his way across Pakistan and Nepal. These journeys and interactions with hundreds of people from the subcontinent contributed to the creation of Countdown.

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