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The novel 'Asthinapuram contextualizes the social history of the coastal people in the background of, on-shore shipping trade. The range of the narration is broad and extensive - from Semmankuppam - a fishing hamlet to the leading port cities of India like Mumbai, Chennai, Vizakhapatnam and Tuticorin; from the intricacies of fishing as a profession and the practices of a community to the complicated shipping problems of a commercial port. The story revolves around the protagonist Amudan, a fisherman by birth. Thwarted by his unprincipled supervisor, the young aspiring researcher quits research and steps into the world of shipping. His personal life being made equally traumatic by his first wife, Amudan settles with the simple and understanding Anandi. In an atmosphere of constant struggle, the research bent of mind survives the adventures in the personal and professional (if one may call so) life. The book, delves into the serious business of Ship Agency, Clearing and Forwarding, Stevedoring, Container trade and Transportation, and the diplomatic relationship with the corrupt officers of both port and customs. The author unfolds a world, which hitherto has not been explored in Tamil novels and perhaps in India. 


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