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A Primer on Yoga

Ramesh Bijlani

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Completed on 21 September 2022
ISBN : 9788123776415

A Primer on Yoga: Theory and Practice is exactly what the title implies. It clarifies what yoga is, explains the distinguishing features of different schools of yoga, and gives a complete guidance on the physical practices of yoga as is possible through a written text and a DVD. It is clear, concise and complete. It provides clear scientific answers to more than 30 frequently asked questions, such as the right time, duration and sequence of asanas, how yogasanas compare with workout in a gym, the pros and cons of using rubber mats, and considerations that apply to practices during menstruation, pregnancy and illnesses. 


Awesome book and highly recommended. The title of this article is precisely what it says: A Primer on Yoga: Theory and Practise. It defines yoga, discusses the characteristics that set different schools of yoga apart, and provides the most thorough instruction on the physical practises of yoga that can be provided by a written text and a DVD. It is thorough, succinct, and straightforward. More than 30 frequently asked questions are addressed in it, including how to perform asanas correctly, for how long, in what order, the advantages and disadvantages of rubber mats, and special considerations for menstruation, pregnancy, and illness.

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