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This Is Not Your Story

Savi Sharma

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Completed on 14 May 2022
ISBN : 9789386224392

The author brings together three characters - Shaurya, Anubhav and Miraya – along with their unachieved dreams and shattered hearts, and how their stories gradually unfolds to a better future. Shaurya, wants to chase his dream of becoming a filmmaker in Mumbai instead of pursuing a Chartered Accountant course that his father forces him for. Since his parents never let him pursue his dreams, Shaurya couldn't gather the courage to follow his dreams. On the contrary, Anubhav, a young wannabe entrepreneur, has blessings from his parents to chase his dream and start his startup away from hometown. But Anubhav’s dreams get shattered in a tragic accident. Miraya, Shaurya’s next-door neighbor’s cousin, is pursuing her dreams of being an interior decorator but a terrible experience in love left her heart scarred. The characters are well sketched, especially, the character of the protagonist Shaurya. His character is layered and has depth that helps the readers connect with him. In this book, the love story takes a back seat although you can feel some sparks between Shaurya and his neighbor but unfortunately those sparks lack passion. The writing is emphatic as well as poignant. Savi laces her plot with deep, heart-felt emotions which moves the readers thoroughly. The narrative is enthralling, inspiring and absolutely honest. The plot and the characters are easy to comprehend. The pace of the book is fast and grips its readers into the depth of the story. A captivating and motivating read indeed! 


A really amazing book with great content. Highly recommended. Shaurya, Anubhav, and Miraya are three characters that the author puts together, along with their unfulfilled goals and broken hearts, and shows how their stories progressively lead to a better future. Shaurya prefers to pursue his desire to become a filmmaker in Mumbai over the Chartered Accountant programme that his father is pressuring him to enrol in. Shaurya lacked the guts to follow his aspirations because his parents never let him to. Anubhav, a young aspiring entrepreneur, on the other hand, has approval from his parents to follow his goal and launch his firm outside of his hometown. However, a horrific catastrophe shatters Anubhav's dreams.

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