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The Girl With No Dreams

Deepak Gupta

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Completed on 22 June 2022
ISBN : 9781647831189

I always asked mom about my father but she always told me, ‘Your father came for a night to ruin my whole life.' A Story about Dreams, Hope and Death. Oh, I am sorry. I’m extremely sorry; I usually forget to introduce myself. I’m Amanda, a plain sailing girl who loves to explore love and life in an adventurous way. Everyone has a story for being a different personality and I have also. I was born poor to raise my old mother instead of she raised me. I am glad that my old mother gave me my first home for nine months. Happiness is hard for our family and sometimes even the hardest. I know when babies born, they cry but when I was born, I and my mom both were crying because I had entered the world where cruelty is always the first choice. I had never seen my father so I was never called to be daddy’s princess but a normal girl who has no right to see her dreams, not even when I am sleeping. 


"The Girl with No Dreams" is a captivating and thought-provoking novel. The story follows the life of a young girl, who loves to explore love and life in an adventurous way. The girl seems to be different from everyone else in her society, as she is able to dream, and her dreams are amazing to read. The novel is beautifully written, and the characters are well-developed and relatable. The themes of Dreams, Hope and Death, are explored throughout the book, making it a must-read for anyone. Overall, "The Girl with No Dreams" is a fantastic novel that will leave readers both inspired and thoughtful.

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