Shabd Book -

10 Principles To Live Peacefully

Deepak Gupta

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The real enlightenment of humans is not by avoiding or escaping life, but through it, gracefully. You know, the God is connected with emotions and hope, but humans are connected with mind and intelligence. In any century, most of the intelligent people have been failing to grasp the secret to become peaceful all the time. Predominantly when we need mental stabilization, we fail to find something meaningful in our intelligence. Most humans change in life when they experience pain. We don't essentially change with minds but with emotions. We are the creatures of emotions and that's why we get distressed in our lives even how much intelligent and educated we are. Moreover, our generation is embracing to find solutions in deep but mostly our answers are in the simple aspects of life. When the extraordinary man understands the ordinary man, the distinction starts ending. Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also hard to bear. - C.S. Lewis. Prophet Muhammad said, whoever said that the people are hopeless; he's the one that is making them hopeless. 


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