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The Girl Next Door

Arpit Vageria

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Completed on 7 June 2022
ISBN : 9788194241461

After that terrible night fifteen years ago, Ishaan had vowed to never return to his hometown. But when has destiny been so kind to our plans! When Ishaan thought life was at its best, the world was hit by a deadly pandemic. India went under complete lockdown, and he unwillingly ended up at a house he once called home. He isn’t prepared to stay in Bhopal for an entire month. That too with the father he doesn’t relate to anymore, an elder brother who broke his trust, and a mother who didn’t stand for him all those years ago. He is figuring out what to do, when he fell in love with The Girl Next Door Ruhi is a well-known choreographer and the chief minister’s daughter, back home for the lockdown. As much as people were staying away from each other, Ishaan’s and Ruhi’s hearts were coming closer to beat as one - in the 90’s way. Their love was breathing the 1990s in 2020. Will this lockdown teach Ishaan to love once again? Will he learn the true meaning of forgiveness? Will his love story be eclipsed by the life-threatening pandemic? This extraordinary story of love will melt your heart and make you believe in the power of true love. 


Amazing book and a must read. Ishaan made a promise to himself to never go back to his village after that awful night fifteen years ago. However, when has fate been so accommodating to our plans? When Ishaan felt his life was perfect, a devastating disease struck the entire planet. India went into total lockdown, and he unintentionally found himself back at the place he previously considered his own. He is not willing to remain in Bhopal for a full month. That's in addition to the father he no longer connects with, an older brother who betrayed his confidence, and a mother who didn't stand up for him years ago. When he fell in love with "The Girl Next Door," he is deciding what to do.

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