The Empowering Voices - A Tale Of Gender Equality And Ending Child Marriage

11 May 2024

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At the time of midnight, shadows come alive, whispering secrets in the darkness. Suddenly, Aastha opens her eyes and screams noisily because of that spooky dream. Now you might be pondering: What did Aastha see in her dream and get so scared of? She saw that her own dad got her married when she was only 12 years old. She stood near the window, started looking at the sky, and questioned God, Why God? Why? Why did you give me birth as a girl? Why not as a boy? Aastha thinks all this goes to bed and sleeps.
In the early morning, her mom woke up and started scolding her like a servant when she didn't get up. She orders her to clean the house quickly and prepare breakfast for his elder brother, saying that her mother goes to sleep. Now the question that comes to your mind is: given the way Astha's elder brother goes to school, why does Astha not go to school? Let us understand from the beginning what the main reasons are behind this.
There are a total 4 people in Astha's family: Aastha, Aastha's mother, Aastha's father, and her elder brother. Aastha's mother and father wanted to have a son in the house from the very beginning, and this was the first time to give birth to a son, which made the whole family happy, but the second time a girl was born to them, which made their whole family sad. He also thought that he would leave Aastha in a temple, but because of the pressure of society, he could not do so and was forced to keep Astha with them like a servant. All the people in the house loved his elder brother more and used the convenience of his like wearing good clothes to school and doing many things. These  facilities were not for Aastha because they believed that girls should stay at home to work for the household and also girls don't have the right to study, and this was not for girls. 
Apart from this, Aastha had to sleep in the kitchen without sewing a sheet. Whenever Astha felt unwell, no one came near her to take care of her, due to which she cried a lot. Due to these reasons, she did not feel like staying in her house, and she thought of leaving her house, but she could not do it.
One day Astha got a very high fever, and she went to her mother's room to get medicine. When Astha asked for a blanket to cover herself, her mother asked her to sleep in the kitchen. She ran away, carrying a very old blanket, and started crying again. Due to the actions of his family, his elder brother started talking to him like a bat and harassing him. There is no one who loves us. This is Karan, whose faith was given by seeing the dream.
After a few days, Astha's father's friend came to the house, and her mother understood Astha before she called, and Astha left the kitchen. After some time, Astha's mother called us for breakfast and asked the guest who this girl was. She told her mother that she was our housemaid, and on hearing that, she started crying when she went to the kitchen. The next day, when Astha's whole family went shopping, Astha decided that she would not stay in the house anymore and packed her bag to leave the house. As soon as he came out of the house, he saw his neighbor and gave it to Astha's father.
Hearing this news, the whole family is angry at us, and our father has to stop us from using us. To get rid of this problem, Aastha's mother and father decided that now it was too much because Aastha should be kept with the boy all the time so that she can get married. This was also said by her father. He said that she knew that he was guilty, but apart from this, there was no other way available to him.
During these evenings, Astha slept silently and went to the kitchen and started crying, telling her that because she was burdened by the house, she would not be there for much longer, and she thought of committing suicide and that very day she would die. Jaan got married by...
The moral of the story is, "Gender equality is a fundamental right that we must uphold to protect individuals from harmful practices like child marriage. By valuing and empowering all genders, we can create a society where everyone has the freedom to pursue their dreams, contribute to their communities, and live a life of dignity and respect. Let's stand together to ensure a future where no child is forced into marriage and where gender equality is embraced by all." 🌟✨

A Story Written by Krishz
Date : 08 May 2024
Acknowledging The Tale Of Gender Equality And Child Marriage 

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The Empowering Voices
The book referring to focuses on the themes of gender equality and child marriage. It tells the story of a young girl who faces the challenges of being forced into marriage at a very young age. Throughout the book, the protagonist fights against the societal norms that limit her freedom and opportunities due to her gender. The narrative sheds light on the importance of empowering girls and advocating for their rights to education, self-determination, and equality. It also delves into the harmful impacts of child marriage on young girls' lives and the broader implications for society. The book serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggles for gender equality and the need to address issues such as child marriage to create a more just and equitable world.