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  1. Happiness Happiness is a feeling of joy, contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, and bliss. A person who is happy is generally cheerful, optimistic, and positive about his/her life. Happiness is not only a state of mind, but also a way of thinking. When we feel happy, we tend to think positively and have a good outlook towards life.   Happiness is not about having things. Happiness is about appreciating what we have. We should always appreciate our lives and the people around us. If we don't appreciate our lives, then we won't appreciate anything else. Happiness is about being contented. We should always try to do good deeds and help others. When we help others, we feel happy inside. Happiness is about loving yourself. If we love ourselves, then we'll naturally love others. We shouldn't compare ourselves to others; instead, we should focus on how much we've improved over time. Happiness is about being grateful. When we're grateful, we'll be able to appreciate everything that's going well in our lives. This book is compilation of some beautiful , heartwarming stories inspired from real life. Hope your journey throughout reading my book will be entertaining and comforting.  


Heartwarming story.

Very nice story and motivational l